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Client: Petzen
Most pets don’t get the regular exercise they need. The DogTread™ is a great alternative when you can’t get outdoors. Show dog owners have used treadmill training for years to increase muscle definition, tone and help focus their dog's energy. It improves vitality and best of all - it can aid in increasing your dog's lifespan.
The DogTread™ by PetZen™
  • Provides a great workout regardless of weather or environment
  • Increases muscle definition, toning, and overall health
  • Improves vitality and increases life span
  • Helps curb bad behavior or excess energy due to lack of exercise
"I would recommend this product to anyone who has dogs, and can't find the time to get out and run."

James O`Bryan
Professional Dog Trainer
Salt Lake City, UT

"LOVE IT!!!!!! ...This treadmill is a blessing and worth every cent."

Jacquie Carroll
Ollie and Lucy, Dachshunds

"We love it and to our surprise our little tail wagger loves it to."

Michael C.
Joggi, West Highland Terrier
Washington DC

"We owe it to our pets to give them the best possible care we can."

Joyce Sly
Jazz, Yorkie

Establish a Regular Exercise Routine for Your Best Friend Today! DogTread™ - A Dog’s Best Friend for Indoor Exercise!